care & disposal

 store your toothbrush in a dry area like any other toothbrush

The care for SENZABAMBOO toothbrushes is just like regular manual toothbrushes!  After use dry off bristles and keep in ventilated area.  Cups are not idea as they tend to gather water at the bottom and do not have air flow.  


Dentist recommend to brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes with a light grip.  

Note: Don't think if you brush really hard for less time you will get the same results.  Most likely you will be damaging your gums.  If you have trouble lightly gripping your toothbrush or have sensitive gums trying using an Ultra Soft toothbrush to help reduce gum recession.

packaging: All our packaging can go into commercial and backyard compost!  That included the paper box and the clear cornstarch hygienic bag.  In most towns yard waste is combined with commercial composting.  Check with your town.  If your town does not have commercial composting the paper box and clear bag will break down in regular garbage within 6 months.  

simple eco toothbrush disposal

For eco-friendly toothbrush disposal wear gloves and break off toothbrush head and place bamboo handle in commercial or backyard compost.  The head goes in trash for landfill.  Click this searchable map link to find composting facilities all over the United States.

If your town does not offer commercial composting consider setting up a backyard compost.  Click this link to learn more about backyard composting or google it.

complex eco toothbrush disposal

1. Use pliers to pluck bristles.

2. Separate aluminum squares & bristles. Little aluminum squares help hold the bristles in place in the bamboo handle. 

3. Aluminum squares can to be recycled with most recycling programs and centers.  Aluminum breaks down with chemical reaction in the environment, but it takes too long to be included in a composting program.  Aluminum is one of the most recycled—and recyclable—materials in use today.  Click this link for more info on aluminum.

4. If your recycling program does not recycle nylon then put your bristles in your landfill trash.  


cleaning your SENZABAMBOO hair brush:

materials needed:
  • baking soda
  • shampoo
  • warm water
  • old toothbrush
  • scissors
  • pencil (or similar long thin item like a chopstick or pen)
1. remove old hair stuck in the hairbrush:
use scissors to cut hair between the bristles and the pencil to loosen it and put it in your compost or trash.
2. clean the brush:
Now stir a teaspoon each of shampoo and baking soda into a cup of warm water. Use the toothbrush to apply the mixture to the base and the bristles of the brush. You’ll find that it easily removes the caked-on debris. Once everything is clean, rinse thoroughly and let the brush dry.