What is the big deal about SENZABAMBOO toothbrushes?
Well, with billions of plastic manual toothbrushes polluting our landfills and oceans our wild organically grown bamboo toothbrushes are making a difference!  No glue to hold the top-of-the line Dupont nylon bristles!  Not to mention the packaging is completely plastic-free.  

great for the planet  • great for the planet!

How is the your toothbrush made?
We use wild organic moso bamboo (phyllostachys heterocycla) with no pesticides or fertilizer.  After cutting a large bamboo stock a new stock grows back to around 65ft within 2 years.  Bamboo stocks are boiled in pure water, dried, heat treated, carved and a natural wax coat applied.  Bristles are pressure implanted into each hole.  No glue for bristles attachment like most plastic toothbrushes.  Switching to SENZABAMBOO makes total sense!
Are SENZABAMBOO toothbrushes Vegan? Now VEGAN!!!
Our bamboo brushes are heat treated to get the desired color and then have a natural coconut oil coating to keep the bamboo from absorbing water.  Bamboo absorbs water so most bamboo products are heat treated and have some type of wax coating.  (We switched from bees wax to coconut oil coating!)

How long does the bamboo take to compost and return back to the earth?

Our bamboo toothbrush handles can be composted and in normal commercial composting conditions the bamboo will biodegrade and return to the earth within 6 months. 

Are the bristles Biodegradable?
We have tested so many biodegradable bristles that our gums have suffered big time.  The technology is just not there yet. Biodegradable bristles are either too hard, inconsistent or not actually biodegradable as claimed.  We stick with top of the line American Dupont bristles so your teeth, gums and dentists are all happy!
Is it really plastic free packaging?
Our packaging is plastic-free including the clear bag which is plant based and is Cellulose bag and even burns just like paper.  Click here to watch it burn like paper! 
Your logo has a panda eating bamboo, are you taking bamboo from pandas?
Panda bears do not eat moso bamboo and we use moso bamboo!  Pandas eat 42 other species of bamboo. Interesting Panda info: One of the reasons wild pandas are scarce is because they are generally solitary and only mate 2-4 days a year.  Would be nice if the pandas could coordinate their mating days and all meet up so the world would have a lot more cute pandas!
Any specific care needed?
Store your toothbrush in a dry vented area.  It is normal if the top portion of your toothbrush color will fade slightly after a lot of bushing.  In general most dentist recommend you replace your toothbrush every 3 months.  
How should I disposal of my toothbrush?
For an eco-friendly disposal you can break off the head and compost your bamboo handle.  The brush head has little metal anchor holding the bristles in place, but the bristles can be plucked with pliers. Check with your local recycling if they recycle nylon bristles otherwise they will have to go in the trash.  Our packaging is plastic-free so you can put all of it in commercial or backyard compost!  The bamboo handle will biodegrade in commercial compost conditions in about 6 months.

I live outside of the US, can you ship to me?
We ship to consumers and retailers all over the world We continue to expand our global distribution.  Please email us to find out if we have a local distributor covering your area. Email: sales@senzacare.com

In Spanish & Italian the word “Senza” means “without”…why is your name mean without Bamboo?
When we started Senzacare in 2012, before launching, we were concerned about the Senza meaning in our name.  We consulted with a number of Italian and Spanish natives and the feedback was to keep the Senza as it would be a fun play on words.  We used the Senza when we launched SENZABAMBOO and people love it!

How can I check my order status?
You will receive an email confirmation with order number and shipping tracking information.
When can I expect my order?
We ship using USPS and orders are typically delivered within 3 – 9 business days. Actual delivery time depends on shipping distance and may vary. Delivery to some remote addresses may require up to 2 additional days.

What should I do if I think my shipment is lost?
Please email customerservice@senzacare.com Include your order details, phone number, and address.   We will initiate a thorough search for your shipment and get back to you.

Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm PST (except holidays) 

Can I send a gift?
You can send any of our products as a gift and even add a personalized note.  At check out; type 'Gift Note' and type your note contents.  We will send it together with your order!